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This site has been founded to continue a service which allows the trading of Bitcoins for games; mainly Steam gifts. This service was originally provided on the biggest Bitcoin marketplace 'Bitmit', which has sadly been discontinued as of December 2013. Since starting this business in June 2012, I have made over one-thousand trades, generating the most sales on Bitmit and also gaining the largest amount of positive feedback in comparison of all the other users. This has also gained many new and returning customers, showing that the potential for Bitcoin marketplaces is always rising. Finally I've decided to create my own store front using the script 'BitShop 0.9.9'. As of March 2019 the bot has been launched, it allows to purchase any Steam game with Bitcoin.


What is Bitcoin? In short, Bitcoin is a virtual currency used by thousands each day, to find out more visit The current price of Bitcoins (in relation to fiat currencies like USD) changes each second (and every 15 minutes on this site). Currently it is 66,343 USD. Here is a short video which may help you understand what Bitcoin's are and how they work:

Privacy Policy does not collect information about you, your IP or your system configuration. This information is simply unrequired. However to place an order you need a valid e-mail address, yet this is only used to send your order (or to contact you if necessary), nothing more. Cookies are used only to store your PHP session, thus allowing correct functionality of the site.

Quality Policy

While providing this service, there are several important things which we believe should always have top priority. Your satisfaction while using the service is the most important thing. I believe that life and the world would be a much more beautiful place if all people strive for happiness. Isn't it an aim of our human life and our soul to do so? The next thing is the freedom and liberty - that's why the one and only payment method is Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The goal of providing service isn't only for me to collect lovely Bitcoins, but to support the ever growing community which supports the Bitcoin scene, that elite community, which you're a part of. :-)

Terms and Conditions

All content and items listed here are legally purchased from various wholesalers allowing you to get the best price. Games are based on ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) licence. Game codes: once the code has been delivered to the customer there is no return or refund of any kind unless specified by customer support. This website is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by directly or indirectly by Valve Corporation (Steam), Electronic Arts (Origin), Ubisoft (UPlay) or other external sources. This is an independent, unofficial fan site. All information (including prices) on this site are unofficial and may change at any time. All trademarks, materials are property of their respective owners. Website is compiled and updated periodically, however it is impossible to guarantee freedom from all errors. For this reason this website excludes all liability or warranty.